The following services are provided on request:

  • Bed linens, towels and bathrobe for each guest
  • Catering
  • Outdoor activities

Final cleaning is compulsory and will be charged separately.


Lapland offers a wide range of activities in all seasons, including:

  • Skiing (cross-country, downhill, snowboarding)

  • Husky dog sledding, reindeer sledding
  • Snowmobile
  • Ice swimming
  • Santa Claus village, Rovaniemi
  • Hiking

  • Canoeing, boating

  • Horseback riding

  • Berry and mushroom picking

  • Fishing and hunting

  • Lifetime experiences: midnight sun in summer, magical northern lights (aurora borealis) throughout autumn, winter and spring, breathtaking Lapland autumn colors (called “ruska”) and stunning snowscapes

NOTE: most activities above need to be organised separately and will not be included in the rental agreement. Outdoor activities can take time to organise depending on group size and activity, we therefore advise requests be made as early as possible before the start of your stay. We can assist you in making all necessary arrangements and we remain at your disposal to make your stay at Villa Aurorastone a memorable lifetime experience! 

NOTE: the aurora borealis is elusive yet forecasts are becoming more and more precise courtesy of a better understanding of our Sun and its activity. Short-term local forecast data across Finland can be found at Auroras Now! (look for Ivalo). Seeing auroras requires  a magical combination of a clear night and the right solar activity, however Villa Aurorastone is situated at the very best location to see them - just beneath the aurora oval. While we cannot guarantee you will see auroras, we guarantee you a truly incredible experience should you witness them :)

Villa Aurorastone is the very home of Luxury Lapland, where the magic of Lapland meets authentic Luxury. We will help tailor Your stay to Your very needs to offer You an incredible experience. Contact us to book Your stay with us today and be ready to experience Luxury Lapland at its very best. We wish You a very warm welcome at Villa Aurorastone.